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Reinforced perimeter strip

Reinforced perimeter strip: The perimeter strip is intended for additional fastening of overlapped roofs covered with the EPDM coating, when the roof area in one plane is more than 150 m2. It is necessary in cases where the roof has parapets. This strip helps to maintain a maximally functional roof. Because the EPDM coating has a constant tension, in addition to this special perimeter strip coating, the tensile force can tear off the parapets. With this tape, the roofing will last longer and more efficiently. This way you will have a roof covering for a very long time and without any worries.

The perimeter tape consists of a reinforced EPDM membrane tape, a laminated and pressure sensitive adhesive tape. This tape consists of a vulcanised rubber adhesive that will ensure the OEM quality in the EPDM single layer restoration projects.

Kreiner, UAB, supplies perimeter fastening tape in rolls with a width of 152 mm (millimetres). These rolls are 30.48 m (meters) long. The tape is sold only in full rolls, not cut.


Technical data:

The main composition

Synthetic rubber



Roll length

30.48 m


0.9 mm


 2 rolls / box

Expiry date

12 months


~17 kg per roll

EPDM membrane

KREINER supplies waterproofing materials for new or renovated roofs, balconies, terraces, foundations, and green roofs. Our activities include consulting customers, determining the need for materials and delivering them to the right place, as well as providing training for roofers who want to work with our materials. We supply waterproofing materials from warehouses in Lithuania, so we can respond quickly to customer needs.


EPDM is a time-tested material under real weather conditions. The EPDM black membrane has been used for roofing worldwide for over 50 years. When testing 30-year-old EPDM specimens, it was found that the tensile strength, tear resistance, flexibility and tensile properties of the specimens meet or exceed the requirements for new membranes, and the material fully retains its durability. The EPDM membrane has high resistance to ozone and UV radiation.


The EPDM coating does not emit any pollutants, so this choice is especially attractive for those who seek sustainable management of natural resources. The collected rainwater can be used for household and watering lawns or gardens.


Many bituminous coating companies do not produce joints and components for machining complex areas. Complex locations and joints must be treated with conventional material, which complicates the work and reliability of waterproofing. The EPDM manufacturers produce a complete set of factory components required to process joints, including adhesive elements that are easy to use.